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The College's Policies

The College's Policies

1) Policy on educational quality assurance

Systematically develop the educational quality assurance process, covering the missions of the College with involvement of staff at all levels

2) Policy on Educational Management

Build manpower in health to address the needs of the health system via emphasis on student-centered learning and using the community as the base.

3) Policy on Personnel Development

Develop the personnel within and outside the College to be capable of carrying out their assigned tasks effectively and be competent in adapting to changes

4) Policy on Research and Knowledge Development

Encourage faculty members and students to produce research, textbooks, technical papers, innovation and knowledge development on the production and development of health personnel, as well as related public health activities.

5) Policy on Technical Service in Health

Provide technical and demonstrative public health services according to the needs of the society and the local area in order to gain acceptance at the community and national levels.

6) Policy on Restoration of Arts and Culture

Encourage students and staff of the College to be involved in maintaining the arts and culture of the local area and the Thai nation.

7) Policy on Management

Develop an effective and accountable management system though the involvement of the College's staff and external actors.

8) Policy on Database for Information Support

Promote the use of information technology to cover all missions by using a secure database for decision-making, and be able to collect to relevant organizations inside and outside the College

9) Policy on Knowledge Management

Promote and support development of the organization as a learning organization by bringing a knowledge management system into use in all missions of the organization.

10) Policy on Ethics and Morality

Instill the right, moral and ethical conducts of the students and trainees to serve as role models for other individuals, the community, and external organizations.

11) Policy on Health Promotion of Staff and Students

Promote actions in health promotion among staff and students to be those with good physical, mental, social, and intellectual health, and develop the College into an organization for health promotion.