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Graduated Character

"Health Service with the Heart of Humanity” – Services with friendliness, love, mercy, focusing on clients’ and stakeholders’ problem and concern, need from clients, and listening to clients’ opinion are the principal requirement of Praboromarajchanok Institute of Health Workforce Development to fulfill graduates’ characteristics as follows:



  • S = Service Mind defined as providing the friendly service with compassion and attention to the plight of the clients and other stakeholders. Be ready to serve with due regard to the common good rather than personal gains. Be neutral in the service, with logical reasoning based on the realistic understanding of others. Thus, the desired qualities are as follow:
  1. Willfully provide service with understanding of each person's specific conditions. Accept the ideas, behaviors, and identity of the client without judging him or her on one's own personal bias
  2. Act and provide service without wanting anything in return, and regard the common good to be more important than personal gains
  3. Service the client according to his or her problems and needs, according to his or her context and actual condition, with due attention to the problems and suffering of the client and other individuals involved


  • A = Analytical Thinking defined as thinking based on a diverse variety of facts according to actual conditions in order to analyze the problem and actual needs of the client with discretion by connecting knowledge with the solution according to the context of the daily life of the clients. The desired characteristics are as follow:
  1. Accept the reality of life and the world in order to systematically assess the real scenario
  2. Collect facts in a systematic manner through the learning and continuous deliberation processes
  3. Analyze problems and needs based on empirical data of the clients/people
  4. Connect technical knowledge with the solutions to address the actual needs of the clients according to the context
  5. Plan health service according to the actual context in everyday life
  6. Develop oneself with no attachment to academic framework or knowledge, or one's own experience alone


  • P = Participation defined as providing health service in consideration of personal differences, based on the understanding of living conditions, contexts, conditions, potential, and capacity that can affect the client's health behaviors. Health care providers must be able to screen and select the appropriate knowledge as alternatives in order for the client to apply it in their real life. The clients will be involved in the acknowledgement, decision, and solution for health problems of themselves and their families. People will also be encouraged to be self-reliant in term of health with the following characteristics:
  1. Provide health service that directly addresses the problems and needs of clients
  2. Clients are involved in the acknowledgement, deliberations, and decisions in caring for their own health and their families' health
  3. Health care providers act as motivators and propose the appropriate choice to clients but do not dictate people’s solutions
  4. Encourage and support clients to improve their capacity in order to solve their own and family’s health problems for self-reliance in health